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How To Use Google Chrome Login Different Facebook Account Concurrently?

For Google Chrome users who want to login multiple Facebook Profile or Gmail accounts concurrently, here is the trick (though not a perfect solution).

As shown by the “silent” video (below), it’s possible to login at most 2 different accounts of the same website concurrently, provided you login one account on “normal” window and the other one on “incognito” window:

If the video is not loading smoothly, here is the quick guide:
  1. Open Google Chrome to login Facebook,
  2. Press CTRL+SHIFT+N or click the Wrench icon (top-right cornet) to select “New incognito window” and use this window to login another (different) Facebook Profile.
The incognito window is not a perfect solution for this subject, as this trick only allows user to login maximum 2 online accounts of same service/website.

Unlike Google Chrome, the Internet Explorer nomerge option switch allows one to really login multiple accounts of same site at the same time!

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