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How To Claim Facebook Email Address?

How to get your Facebook email address if the new Message feature is not yet with you?

Note, this address is different than the one used to post status update or share photo using email (without having to login Facebook profile explicitly).
The Facebook email address (fb_user_name@facebook.com) works like Gmail, Hotmail, etc. That’s to say, it allows one to send and receive email. The message sent from external system (e.g. Gmail) will NOT be posted to the Wall but stored in Facebook Messages.

According to FAQ19010, the new Message is not open to everyone yet – it’s only available through invitation. If you’re desperate to get this particular Facebook email address sooner:

1. Login to your FB profile,
2. Go to About Message page,
3. Click “Request an invitation”:

Request invitation to get a Facebook email address and activate new Message function.

New Facebook Messages invitation.Alternatively, ask your friends who have activated the new Message to send you an invitation (much faster) – Click Messages (left pane; below News Feed) followed by the “Invite friends” link seen at the bottom of page (it’s only there if your friends still has free invitations to send).

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