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How To Post Facebook Status Update Using Email?

The Facebook mobile email address cannot be used to send messages (at least not now), but sure it can receive messages sent from any email clients or webmail services.

That is to say, one can post status update or share photos to personal profile or Facebook Page, right from email client, without having to login Facebook explicitly!

For each email received, Facebook automatically post email subject as status update. If there are pictures in email, the photos are shared in “mobile uploads” album automatically and the email subject becomes description of each picture in that email.

To find that unique mobile email address given to you:

Personal Profile

After login to your FB Profile, go to facebook.com/mobile and look for “Upload via email”:

Facebook Personal Profile mobile email address.

Facebook Page

Click “Edit Page” and then select “Mobile” option (left pane), there you’ll see the Facebook Page mobile email address:

Facebook Page mobile email address.

So, save all of these Facebook mobile email addresses to your contact list. DO NOT give them to anyone else, unless you want to allow them posting status update or photos to the Wall on your behalf.

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