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How To Get Free Earthquake Alert On Facebook?

If you simply want to track all quakes of magnitude 4.0+ (including aftershock) happen around the world, just “Like” this dedicated page.

using USGS and Gmail to create Facebook earthquake alert service.

WARNING : There can be many incidents with these criteria in a day, i.e. you’ll receive a lot of these notifications on your Facebook Wall after “like” that page.

If you only interested on incidents happen in certain geographical area, just create a free account with USGS and define the tracking criteria. Then, make use of Gmail auto-forward service (or any email service that allows this feature) to post email alerts on your Facebook Profile or Page automatically.

NOTE: Don’t treat USGS ENS as an early warning system. There is no way (at this time being) one can predict when and where the incident will happen precisely, though the service might help experts to gauge the likelihood.

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