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How To Fix IE9 Cannot Open Citrix Application Problem?

In the test using XenApp Online Plugin v11.2 on Windows 7, the Internet Explorer 9 cannot open and run Citrix application (via launch.ica file) if it’s not allowed to save encrypted pages to disk.

Unlike IE8, it doesn’t prompt me to save the ICA file to disk for executing from Windows Explorer. In fact, there is nothing displayed on screen (not even an error or alert message) when that particular security option is turned on.

To fix this problem, as said earlier, is to allow Internet Explorer saving encrypted pages to disk:

Open and configure IE 9 Internet Options.On IE 9 window, press ALT+X or ALT+T to bring up Tools menu and click “Internet Options”.

Go to Advanced tab, scroll down to “Security” section to look for “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” and make sure this option is disabled (as shown in screenshot):

Allow IE 9 to save encrypted pages to disk in order to run Citrix application or open the ICA file.

Right after saving change, Internet Explorer 9 should work right away without restarting. Otherwise, close all browser windows and open it to login Citrix again.

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  1. Paulo 20-04-11@19:16

    Doesn’t work with Online Plug-in 12.1

  2. Walker 23-04-11@12:19

    Did you notice the yellow stripe at bottom of page?
    With IE9, there is no pop-up window or dialog box when you click a download link.

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