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How To Make Internet Explorer Opens Citrix ICA File Automatically?

Wonder why suddenly Internet Explorer cannot open Citrix launch.ica file directly from web browser? That’s to say, one must save the ICA file to local disk and open it.

Assuming the XenApp Online Plugin for Web Access is installed, Internet Explorer should able to open ICA file automatically that in turn run the corresponding Citrix application (program hosted on Citrix):

IE8 opens launch.ica or Citrix application directly on Windows 7.

IE8 cannot open ICA file automatically and prompt use to save it to disk then only click it to run Citrix application.If it asks you to save the ICA file, then you have do so and then click it to open the Citrix application – it works but apparently not so user-friendly :(

So, here is a little trick used to get ICA file opens from Internet Explorer directly (tested on Windows 7 with IE8):

Security setting that causes IE8 cannot open and display PDF file over HTTPS connection.

Open IE8, press ALT+T to bring up Tools menu, select “Internet Options”, click Advanced tab, locate “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” option in Security section (as shown by the screenshot above) and disable it (i.e. untick the checkbox).

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  1. jim 03-08-15@04:00

    Just want to thank you for info… it worked for me, I have old citrix on server 2003 client is ie 11 on win 8.0


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