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How To Fix IE8 Cannot Open PDF File Problem?

Ever wonder why only Internet Explorer cannot open and display bank statement delivered in PDF file format, but no similar issue when using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome?

Interestingly, the problem only happens when open some PDF file over HTTPS secured connection.

Well, it is caused by IE security setting, which is the same setting that causes IE8 cannot open and play Facebook/YouTube video in HTTPS session.

In the test using Windows 7 IE8, I have to disable “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” option, in order to open and view HSBC bank statement (PDF file format) over HTTPS:

Security setting that causes IE8 cannot open and display PDF file over HTTPS connection.

Press ALT+T to select “Internet Options” dialog box, go to Advanced tab, scroll down to locate the highlighted option in Security section (above) and make sure the check-box is not selected (i.e. to allow IE8 saves encrypted pages to disk).

During my test, there is no need to restart Windows 7 IE8 as the change is applied directly on open pages. Reboot the web browser if it doesn’t work even after disable that particular security setting. Good luck.

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  1. Gerald Lau 27-06-11@13:13

    I have the same problem in Windows vista IE8. Following your suggestion to uncheck the “Do not save encryted page to disk”, still not work.

  2. Bob Jackson 08-03-13@05:24

    I have the same problem. I use XP Pro 32bit SP3, IE8, and Foxit Reader with the IE8 plugin. The only place I cant’t view or auto-download pdf’s is when I try to view my online bank statement and yes it is an https site. I can view and download pdf’s on http sites using the Foxit Reader with the IE8 plugin without any problems at all. I’ve never been a fan of Adobe Reader due to the massively long loading time for this heavily bloated program and now I am developing an outright HATERID for it. By the way, “Do not save encryted page to disk” was never checked to begin with.

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