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How To Change Firefox Backspace Button Response?

By default, Mozilla Firefox endeavors to go open previous page when Backspace key is pressed. It could be useful for people who program this default action.

But am sort of pissed off when filling up a web form in HTTPS secured session – for some reasons the Backspace key triggers it to go back one page, end up with “expired page” displayed and the partially filled data gone :(

Luckily, the web browser developers allow users like me to change or define how Firefox should response to Backspace key action.
Though the options are limited and you can’t disable it entirely, this trick effectively prevents Firefox opens previous page when Backspace key is pressed :)

Tweak Firefox about:config to change its Backspace key action

Open a new window or tab and enter about:config on Address bar to access Firefox advanced settings:

Using about:config to access Firefox advanced settings to change its default action for Backspace key.

Type “backspace” on the “filter” box and double click “browser.backspace_action” to change default value 0 (go back previous page) to 1 (identical to pressing Page Up key, i.e. to move page up), as shown in the screenshot.

In my test using Mozilla Firefox 3.6.15, the change effect is applied immediately to existing windows (without having to restart the web browser).

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