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Get BlogBuzzer Send More Web Traffic To Weblog

Without a solid figure to tell, I bet there are thousands of new blog created every day and 99.99% of these new sites are out of search engine radar.

Apparently, there will be no significant traffic except visitors directed from referral sites. In this case, a ping service might able to help new blogs gain more attentions of search engines and blog directories. For example, the BlogBuzzer, offers both free service to ping max. 5 blogs per day and premium service for advanced features (unlimited ping and submission to search engines with 24/7 monitoring).

One of the free web tool that automatically notifies ping services about update made on a website.

The setup is pretty easy, even for novice, in just 4 steps:
  1. Click here to proceed,
  2. Enter the name of site,
  3. Enter the site URL,
  4. Click Ping button.

For now on, each updates made on the site (of that URL specified in step 3) will automatically be submitted to the most popular blog sites and directories.

NOTE, if the updates are too “furious” (e.g. there are many new posts or frequent updates for a number of published articles every day), the pinged services might treat that as spam!

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