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How To Auto Post Email Alerts To Facebook As Status Message?

When there is a need of posting email alert to Facebook, don’t think about plugin or get someone to develop an apps, as the process can be easily automated (at least for now).

For your reference, I used the following steps to get Gmail forward ENS message automatically to Facebook Page and post on the Wall as status update:

Besides posting to FB Page, you can use email to post status update on personal profile too.

Go to Facebook Page, click “Edit Page” button on top-right corner.

Click “Mobile” (left pane), copy the Facebook Page email address to Notepad (the dedicated address used for posting status update and photos send by email).

Facebook Page email address used for posting status update or sharing photos on the Wall.

Click “Manage permission” (left pane) and set “Page visibility” to only allow admins seeing the page (temporarily).


Click “Settings” on top-right corner.

Go to “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”, click “Add a forwarding address” button, enter the FB Page email address then click Next (a confirmation code has been sent to verify permission).


Click the Wall of Page to refresh – there should be a status update sent by Gmail that shows Gmail Forwarding Confirmation code. Copy the code to Notepad and delete this status update.

Gmail forwarding confirmation code posted on Facebook Wall.

Reset “Page visibility” to allow everyone seeing the page.


Paste the confirmation code on the given box and click Verify button.

Verify Gmail forwarding email address.

Instead of forwarding every email, only ENS emails will be forwarded to Facebook. Therefore, select “Disable forwarding” option and click “Creating a filter” for this purpose.

Add forwarding email address without enable forwarding in Gmail.

Enter the ENS alert email address in “From” box and click Next, select “Forward it to” (using the FB Page email address) and optionally enable “Delete it” option too.

Using Gmail filter to forward selected emails to Facebook.

DONE – from now on, Gmail processes every ENS notifications received according to the user-defined filter, i.e. automatically forward ENS emails to Facebook Page that in turn post the email’s subject as status update on the Wall.

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