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How To Use Email To Post Status Update On Facebook?

It’s not a secret that everyone can use email to post status update on Facebook Wall, if you know yours dedicated Facebook email address.

For those who are not aware but interested to know, login and go to Facebook Mobile – there you’ll find your “personalized upload email address”:

By sending an email to Facebook email address, the email subject will be posted as status update on the Wall.

CAUTION: Don’t give your Facebook email address to anyone, unless you intentionally allow people to post status update or pictures to your Wall on behalf!

How to change Facebook email address that used for post status update.If so happen the personalized upload email address exposed, just browse to Facebook Mobile again, click “Find out more” and then “refresh your upload email” hyperlink to get a new Facebook email address.

If the proxy server doesn’t allow you to access Facebook, this could be an alternate way to keep friends aware of your “precious” status update :)

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