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How To Configure Google Chrome To Auto Login Proxy Server From Windows 7?

In a corporate office that use Microsoft infrastructure, workstations are usually joined to Windows domain and require proxy server for Internet access.

If a Windows 7 computer doesn’t join or log on to Windows domain, how to configure Google Chrome to authenticate with proxy server automatically (not typing domain account and password manually)? For this case, you need the latest Google Chrome that can make use of Windows Vault (e.g. Google Chrome v9 or newer).

Trick used to get Google Chrome authenticate with proxy server automatically:

Click Windows Start button and click the Windows 7 user account picture to open “User Accounts” window. Alternatively, execute control userpasswords at Windows Command Prompt.

On left pane, click “Manage your credentials” to access Windows Vault.

Click “Add a Windows credentials” and enter proxy server IP:port (e.g., domain account ID and password:

Windows Vault allows user to save domain account credentials and therefore allows Google Chrome to login proxy server automatically.

After click OK button, it will be saved to a special folder called “vaults” on Windows and the credentials can be edited (to renew account password) or removed if necessary.

Suppose the Google Chrome proxy server is configured to use, it will automatically retrieves the required credentials from Windows Vault for authentication.

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