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How To Free Up Disk Space After Install Windows 7 SP1?

When installing Service Pack 1 on Windows 7, the installer automatically creates system files backup to allow users remove or uninstall the service pack (if it causes unforeseen problem after upgrade to SP1).

For my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, these system backup files take up 640MB of disk space! Since there is no conflict or hiccup observed, there is no reason keeping these backup files too, isn’t it?

How to clean up Windows 7 after installing service pack? While the service pack installer of older Windows (XP/2003) accepts “/NoBackup” command-line option, it is not available on Windows 7 SP1.

In order to “safely” remove the backup files created by Windows 7 SP1 installer, get the Disk Cleanup tool to do the job:

Click Windows Start button to type disk cleanup and press ENTER key when the program appears atop is highlighted. Alternatively, execute cleanmgr at Windows Command Prompt.

Select the drive to clean up (by default is C: drive) and hit OK button. In the Disk Cleanup dialog box, click “Clean up system files” button to proceed.

Disk Cleanup tool allows users to free up valuable disk space if choose to remove or delete backup files created by Windows 7 SP1.

When the dialog box appears again, tick all the check-boxes in “Files to delete” section and click OK button to delete selected files permanently, if that is what you expect it to do.

Uses Disk Cleanup too to remove Windows 7 SP1 backup file.

After deleting backup files, it is not possible to uninstall SP1, unless reinstall Windows 7 again.

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