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How To Fix: Nokia N8 Keeps On Connect To WLAN

When N8 running old device software, the WLAN connection dropped frequently. After upgrade N8 firmware to PR 1.1, the WLAN connection cannot be disconnected once the WIFI establishes connection.

The Nokia “smartphone” auto connects to WLAN almost instantly after I disconnect the WIFI connection manually! It just won’t disconnected, no matter how many times the WLAN connection is removed, unless I forcibly turn it off.
When the phone is powered on again, it doesn’t connect to WLAN automatically until I run some apps (e.g. Ovi Store, Software Updates, etc) that require Internet connection.

Therefore, I suspect it’s a firmware bug. To support the claim, I check these:
  • Settings > Connectivity > WLAN > Settings > “Show WLAN availability” is set “never”.
  • Settings > Connectivity > Settings > “Switch to WLAN” is set to “manual”, “Data use in home country / when roaming” is set to “always ask”.
  • Disable widgets on home screen to go online mode.
  • Email is configured to be synchronized manually.

Although it can be fixed by power off and on the handset, it is awkward to do so each time after connecting to WLAN/WIFI, isn’t it? Moreover, it could drain out battery faster.

Then, what is the alternate trick? After few attempts, I found out that this glitch can also be “fixed” by putting the phone to offline mode, i.e. change the active profile to Offline and switch it back – though it’s troublesome too, but what can I do if that’s really a bug?

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