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How To Use Image To Search The Web For Information?

If you wonder what is the actual name of bird that crowned as real Angry Bird, you might use Google Images to search for “red bird with comb” and guess that is called Cardinal or Cardinalidae.

Sometimes, however, it is not that easy to search information by words, as it is something that cannot be described by words. In this case, a picture speaks thousand words.

So, why not search the Net by picture?

For those who own Android device or Apple iPhone, you’re lucky to have this Google mobile apps called Google Goggles, with its tagline that says “use pictures to search the web”:

Although, at this stage, it can’t search the name of animal like birds in a photo, Google Goggles can function as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to extract contact information from business card or translate the text to another language of your choice. Besides, Google Goggles can search the Net for information of a landmark, book cover, artwork, wine, and logo.

What about on Desktop or laptop computers? There is no Google Goggles function on Google Images yet, except an option to search for similar image (but it’s not available for all images). To fill in the blank, there are some web services that target “use image to search for similar images”, such as TinEye Reverse Image Search and Gazopa.

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