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How To Create Tilt-shift Photography Using Photoshop?

By using Photoshop, one can apply tilt-shift photography technique to create fake miniature scene from a photo that focus the objects from high angle.

If you have some high-angle photos that are not so impressive at first glance, tilt-shift might able to give these photos new life and feel.

How to use Photoshop to create tilt-shift photography?

To create a tilt-shift photograph that looks real, the original photo should be taken from a far and high angle (the two criteria).

Now, take a look at this “silent” video guide – using Photoshop to create tilt-shift photography:

The reference is based on Photoshop CS3, but should be good for reference and apply with little changes to use on newer version, e.g. Photoshop CS5.
  1. Open original image in Photoshop, select “Edit in Quick Mask mode” and then “Gradient Tool” (choose “Reflected Gradient” type):
    Using Reflected Gradient tool to apply Photoshop lens blur filter that create tilt-shift photography.
  2. Use mouse pointer to click on the central of objects (that are to be miniatures) and drag vertically towards to edge – a red transparent stripe with blur border appears.
  3. Click the “Edit in Standard mode” (the “Edit in Quick Mask mode” used in 1st step), i.e. to exit from Quick Mask mode, and you’ll see two selections (rectangle boxes with dotted-line borders).
  4. Select Photoshop lens blur filter and adjust the radius until those miniatures look real.
  5. If necessary, adjust contrast or “shadow and highlight” settings and crop the image for a even better miniature faking.

Now, find out those not-so-good image from your photo collection and see whether the tilt-shift technique able to recover flaws and redefine the photo perspective.

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