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How To Reinstall N8 Ovi Store After Hard Reset?

Just found out that Nokia has finally fixed the N8 Ovi Store installation error that happen after hard reset the world first Symbian^3 smart phone equipped with 12MP camera unit.

But, I don’t feel excited. After a long wait for this problem to be fixed, I have lost passion about Nokia product. In addition, most of the mobile apps that I found interested to use are only released for iOS, Android, RIM…leaving a blank and question mark on Symbian platform.

Anyway, for those who are keen to fix the Ovi Store installation error after hard reset Nokia N8, here you go:
NOTE, I didn’t perform a new hard reset to apply the following procedure, so am not 100% sure that it is fixed by Software Update apps or it actually still requires some Qt runtime / library files that I have installed previously for Nokia Panorama.

Locate and open Software Update apps on N8 (the icon named “SW Update”). There should be 2 updates available, i.e. Ovi Store and Apps Update 1.0 – just select both and proceed to install.

Uses Software Update apps on N8 to reinstall Ovi Store.
Though there are only two upgrades available in the Software Update apps, the Application Manager Installation Log reveals 13 Symbian apps are installed – Video Player 9.22.53, QtMobility 1.00.1, CWRT Core 1.00.1101, Wrt Service Providers, CP Services 2.00.1101, OMB 1.00.1032, Ovi-shared-signed, SSO 1.02.1050, Ssoui_signed, LKM 1.00.1050, Ovi Store 2.00.14, Services Client Platform, Ovi Store Installer.

Now, open Ovi Store and sign in with your account. After a while, it will report a newer upgrade is available:

Nokia deliver Ovi Store installer via Software Update allows user to fix the Ovi Store installation error occurs after hard reset.

During the upgrade, it shows Ovi Store 2.00.10025. When the upgrade process completes, the final Ovi Store version is 2.04.00041 (shown in both About view and Installation Log).

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  1. Gregg 27-02-11@13:03

    Nope, don’t see the ovi store install.

  2. Thierry 04-03-11@02:26

    Yep me neither! No OVI store, I also lost the Social Widget, which was just my favourite and most important one!

  3. pravar 19-05-11@02:07

    it is just showing 1 option to just install social and nothing else….i think there is no way to restore nokia ovi store except flashing… :(

  4. Miguel 25-09-12@04:11

    What works for me was to google nokia store in the phone, that takes me in the first link to ovi store and the link to install the “nokia store application”, then download and is already working.


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