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How To Relocate Outlook OST File To New Folder?

Though it is not a “simple” job to relocate or move Outlook OST file from its default location to new folder, it can be done if you pay attention and execute the guide (below) with patient.

If Outlook 2010 is configured to access Exchange email account in Cached Exchange Mode or offline mode, it will create OST file (Outlook data file) on local computer to keep a copy of Exchange mailbox and synchronize it with Exchange server when connection becomes available.

Steps to move Outlook OST file to new location

NOTE, this guide is based on Outlook 2010 and can only be used to relocate OST file created for Exchange mailbox. OST file used by Outlook Connector for Hotmail is not applicable.
  1. Close Outlook 2010 (if it is open) and copy the OST file to new location where you want to move and save it to.
  2. Go to Control Panel and change “View by” (top-right corner) to either large or small icons, if it is in category view. Locate and click the Mail icon to open Mail Setup dialog box.
    Open Outlook Mail Setup dialog box from Control Panel.
  3. In the Mail Setup dialog box, click Data Files button and then double click the OST file that is used for Exchange mailbox.
  4. In Microsoft Exchange dialog box, go to Advanced tab and disable Cached Exchange Mode Settings:
    Disable Outlook 2010 Cache Exchange Mode in order to relocate or move OST file.
  5. Click OK button on Microsoft Exchange dialog box and it will prompt you to restart Outlook for change to take effect (just click OK to proceed).
  6. Double click the OST file again and go to Advanced tab, click Outlook Data File Settings button followed by Disable Offline Use button. Click Yes to close “do you want to continue” message box.
    Click Disable Offline Use button to before relocate Outlook OST file.
  7. Again, click the Outlook Data File Settings button on Microsoft Exchange dialog box. Click Browse button, navigate to the new folder and select the OST file (which you’ve copied in step 1). Click OK to proceed.
  8. Back to Microsoft Exchange dialog box now and turn on Cached Exchange Mode settings again. Click OK on the “restart Outlook” prompt and then close all Mail Setup opened dialog boxes.

To verify Outlook 2010 is referring to OST file kept in new location, click Mail icon on Control Panel followed by Data Files button. Next, open Outlook 2010 and access Exchange mailbox online to confirm everything is in order.

If verification is OK, you may delete the OST file in default location to free used disk space.

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