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How To Receive Like Or Comment Notification Of Facebook Page?

For those who want or extremely like to receive email and notification of like or comment that people made on your Facebook Page, this wanted feature is now available on new Facebook Page.

Though the mandatory upgrade will be activated automatically in coming month, you have option to upgrade now by visiting to this URL:

What is Use Facebook as Page means?After upgrade to new Facebook Page, admin (you) can easily switch between user profile and page – click “Account” at top-right corner and select “Use Facebook as Page” option (as shown in screenshot).

Next, select one of the pages that you manage:

How to activate Use Facebook as Page feature?

When you use Facebook as Page you admin, you will receive “red” notification when someone Like you page or comment on your Wall posts:

Notify admin when people like the Facebook Page.

The new Facebook Page allows admin to receive notification when people like or comment on the page.

If you would also want to receive email notification, click “Profile”, “Edit Page” button, go to “Your Settings” (left pane), tick the “Email Notifications” check-box and finally “Save Changes”.

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