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Facebook Cannot Play YouTube Video After Enable Full HTTPS

After turn on Facebook full HTTPS encryption feature, IE8 cannot play embedded YouTube video that shared on Facebook Wall.

As shown in the screenshot, it said “An error occurred, please try again later.”:

Problems after enable Facebook full HTTPS encryption.

However, there is no issue when I login to Facebook using Firefox 3.6.13 – the first solution for this hiccup (Internet Explorer is to be blamed)!

If you want to stick with IE8 (loyal Microsoft supporter), there are two alternate tricks to “fix” it (please share with me the other tricks that you’ve used):

While continue to enforce Facebook full HTTPS security feature (to eliminate HTTP session hijack threat poses by Firesheep or alike) and using Internet Explorer for FB, right click on YouTube video player and select “Watch on YouTube” option (applicable even after the error appears).

Otherwise, just turn off the “secure browsing (https)” option:

How to secure Facebook by enable full HTTPS session?

For me, I would either choose Firefox for FB or watch YouTube video shared by friends outside of Facebook wall, unless there is a low risk IE8 settings to work around (let me know if you have this info).

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