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Why The New Facebook Photo Viewer Is Faster?

You might have noticed the new Facebook Photo Viewer. When you click on a photo, it will pops up as new layer on screen. To close or get rid of it, just press ESC key. Otherwise, uses arrow keys to scroll photo page up/down or move to next/previous photo.

Best of all, you can still press Like button, write comment, tag friends, share to Wall, download photo in high resolution, etc, while the underlying page where you clicked the photo remains “intact” :)

According to Facebook engineering’s note, this new photo viewer (known as Photo Theater) is a lightweight, ultra-fast photo rendering apps that was designed to provide better photo viewing and interaction experience.

If you want to know how the apps works so efficient from web programming point of view (to apply the CSS / JavaScript trick on your photo blog), am sorry for not able to explain it better and more than what you can get from the Facebook engineering’s note.

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