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How To Enforce Full Facebook HTTPS Permanently For Whole Login Session?

Finally, you can secure Facebook by activate or enable Facebook full HTTPS session, i.e. the connection between web browser and Facebook server is fully encrypted from the time of login until you logout.

Having said that, your Facebook should be more secure at this mode and hardly has chance to encounter successful session hijack attack by Firesheep (Firefox add-on) when FB in public wireless network (cafe or Starbucks).
People who like this security feature should thank Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook – I guess the world most popular social networking site will not push for this feature soon, if not because of “Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Fan Page Hacked” hit the news.

Although the full HTTPS session is useful, it is not enabled or turned on by default, as this security feature will frustrate users who are using a slow or unstable/unreliable broadband connection (too many packet lost, e.g. 5% loss in ping result).

To enable or activate Facebook full HTTPS feature, click “Account” on top-right corner of page and select “Account Settings”:

How to secure Facebook by enable full HTTPS session?

In “My Account”, go to “Settings” tab and click “Account security” to expand it (screenshot) – tick the option for “secure browsing (https)” and click save button.

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