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How To Upgrade Or Activate New Facebook Page Interface?

I bet most of you should have received a special announcement about the new Facebook Fan Page interface that is to be activated automatically on 10th of March 2011.

If you want to activate or upgrade to new Facebook Page interface before the mandatory rollout, check your Inbox that receive Facebook notification.

Otherwise, try to login your Facebook profile (that created the fan page) and browser to this URL:

Activate new Facebook Page interface before the mass rollout.

There, you’ll able to click “Upgrade all pages now” to roll out the new interface at one go, or click “upgrade” button on selective fan pages (created by you).

If you like to receive notification (email) when someone interact with your Facebook page (posts in the page) or search content (comments, archive of posts, etc) in the fan page, these features are now available ONLY in the new Facebook Page!

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