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How To Display Random Quotes Or ASCII Art As Linux Login Message?

If you want to cheer up or greet user who login to Linux system, try using Linux fortune cookie program to display random quotes, jokes, or ASCII art as part of the login message printed at Linux command prompt.

Unfortunately, the Linux fortune program is not bundled with RHEL. If you don’t have permission to install on this funny program on production servers, give it a try on testing or development server, by downloading “fortune-mod” and “recode” RPM packages from rpmfind.net (for RHEL, locate the EPEL edition that matches your CPU architecture).

The Linux fortune cookie program display random messages, jokes, ASCII art to Linux command prompt.

After installing the packages, append the fortune command to /etc/profile so that every Linux users who login to the system successfully will see the fortune cookie’s message before continue their work:
echo -e "\n\n`fortune`\n\n"

To get a list of fortune message categories, run fortune -f, to display only ASCII art, run fortune ascii-art. For more information, execute man fortune to get online reference right at Linux command prompt. Happy Linux!

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