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How To Embed Or Hide Text In Picture Files?

Another good old little spy trick – uses Windows copy command to easily hide or embed secret message in picture files.

If you already know how to hide text in an image file, now let’s see how to do this using Windows 7 copy command:

As shown by the “silent” screencast (above), there are two image files in PNG format (any picture format will do) and a ASCII (text) file containing secret text.

To embed or hide that secret message in picture, just open Windows 7 Command Prompt window and execute copy command to join or append the image and text files into single picture file, e.g.:
copy Linux-01.PNG /b + secretmsg.log /a + Linux-02.PNG /b linux.png

Where “/b” indicate binary file format and “/a” denotes ASCII text file format. The “+” means to join or append multiple files to new file called “linux.png”.

NOTE, if you’re going to employ this trick to hide some passwords inside a picture file, DO NOT blame me if someone break it! It is not a serious technique for safekeeping!

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