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Linux Commands For Wireless Network Setup And Troubleshooting

Am still lacking a chance to use Linux machine equipped with wireless network card (there are many Linux servers but none of my users is using Linux workstation, so am I).

Therefore, this is just a short note about some Linux commands that commonly used for wireless network setup and troubleshooting (good for my reference when that day comes).

iwconfig is used to configure and view wireless network card (NIC) parameters. Besides, iwconfig can also display or show the wireless network statistics (as those found on /proc/net/wireless pseudo file).

iwpriv is used to configure parameters and settings specific to wireless network card driver, i.e. not common / generic parameters that are required and handled by iwconfig.

iwlist can be used to print or show detail wireless information of wireless network card, which are not available in iwconfig command output.

iwspy is used to monitor or check wireless link quality, signal strength and noise level (which are also found in /proc/net/wireless).

What else do you have for this topic and mind to share? Please comment (using the form at bottom of this page).

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