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How To Get Different Help Or Man Page Of A Linux Command?

On Linux command prompt, type man man allows one to read the online manual page (a.k.a. man page) of “man” command for reference.

Some Linux commands, however, could have different manual pages. In this case, the “man <linux_command>” will only show you the default “manual page section” for reference.

To find out how many different helps or descriptions of a Linux command, e.g. “crontab”:
[walker@localhost] whatis crontab
crontab   (1)  - maintain crontab files for individual ...
crontab   (1p)  - schedule periodic background work
crontab   (5)  - tables for driving cron (ISC Cron V4.1)

If you want to view reference of crontab (5), execute the man command as this:
man 5 crontab

Needless to say, you will see different manual pages of crontab when you execute man 1p crontab and man 1 crontab.

Therefore, it is better to run “whatis” before “man”, if you want to get more relevant information of a Linux command, right from the command prompt!

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