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Sophone vs iPhone: How To Differentiate Between Real iPhone And iPhone Clone?

If you wonder how real the iPhone clone can be, check it out on YouTube where you can find people comparing the Apple iPhone 4 and Sophone (the China-made iPhone clone) side by side.

To get started right here, these are the two for your review:

Sophone hands-on

Note, this post is not seriously telling you how to recognize a real iPhone clone, but it is to make you aware that the clone one can be darn real! If the defects of iPhone clone might able to help you identify the iPhone clone, please find them in previous post.

If you really go for Apple iPhone, please make purchase from authorized stores only and forget about the cheapest price that you might able to find elsewhere.

For those who really want to get a cheaper iPhone clone to relieve “peer pressure”, then try the Sophone (NOTE: I can’t tell how reliable the online purchase is if make it from outside of China)!

As stated on Sophone “official” website, they are going to launch Sophone Android that running Android 2.2 OS! Tempted to see how it works…

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  1. Sk 06-02-11@13:18

    I like to know how is the radiation comparison between this clone and original iPhone ?

  2. Walker 07-02-11@14:46

    Price is their only competitive advantage, I think.
    So, don’t think everyone care about the radiation but I do care the likelihood of explosion.

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