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China-made Sophone Is Clone Of Apple iPhone 4

When comparing Apple iPhone 4 and Sophone side by side, most people cannot differentiate them. Therefore, the Apple Daily (Hong Kong) crowns Sophone as high-grade iPhone clone!

If you wonder how true it is, try get Google or YouTube to search for “Sophone”. If the embedded video (below) still working, go ahead to watch now and tell me how do you feel?

The most successful iPhone clone (史上最強山寨 iPhone4)!:

In this video, you can see that Sophone built with same appearance (chassis) of Apple iPhone 4. Besides, the software user interface looks no difference than iOS that power the Apple smartphone!

That’s why most interviewees can’t differentiate between the real iPhone and the clone. You probably only know that is Sophone, the king of iPhone clone, when you:
  • spot Phillips screw – Apple doesn’t use Phillips screw on iPhone?
  • download apps from Apple Store – the clone without firmware mod might not able to use Apple services?
  • open chassis to replace battery – the “best” feature of this iPhone clone that is not offered by Apple iPhone!

Also in the news, the next Sophone can even run Android – will you doubt if the booths tell you that they can install Android on iPhone?

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  1. Nirmal Mirpuri 08-02-11@06:35

    I am interested in a sample of this i4 phone. What is the price including shipping to London, UK (usuall $40 via DHL or any courier service except EMS) should be in the range of $60-80 plus shipping.

  2. Walker 08-02-11@15:31

    Am not selling phone :)

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