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Photoshop: How To Create Rip or Slash Effect In The Middle Of Image?

Wonder how I use Photoshop to create slash or rip effect in the middle of image, like the one seen in some screenshot shown by Google search preview (Google Instant Preview)?

The rip or slash effect allows one to peel or tear out unwanted portion in a screenshot, therefore effectively reduce image dimension and size to fit on web or blog with fixed-width template or theme, makes the overall presentation feels comfortable and stunning.

Uses Photoshop to create rip or slash effect in the middle of image.

If you’re interested, take a look at this YouTube video as a complement to the writing guide (switch to fullscreen playback at 480p for clarity):

  1. Depends on your need, select lasso tool or polygonal lasso tool to select first wanted portion from image and CTRL+C to copy selection.
  2. CTRL+N to create a new image document and set the dimension (width and height) of your preference. For background contents option, set it to background color or transparent, at your wish.
  3. CTRL+C to paste selection on new image document then hold CTRL key and use mouse to adjust placement the pasted selection.
  4. Right click on the original image and choose “Select inverse”.
  5. Click Rectangular Marquee Tool and use its “subtract from selection” feature to reduce the size of inverse selection. Then, switch to “new selection” feature of Rectangular Marquee Tool and use mouse to move the “reduced inverse selection” to select the 2nd wanted portion of original image, followed by CTRL+C to copy it.
  6. Switch to new image document and CTRL+V to paste the second selection onto it. Again, hold down CTRL key (the mouse pointer turns from plus sign “+” to a symbol of “dagger with solid triangle”) to adjust its placement for a “perfect” a rip or slash effect in the middle of image.

Note, although the guide is using Photoshop CS3 but it is applicable and fit as reference for newer release, including Adobe Photoshop CS5. Good luck.

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