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How To Create Place Marker On Google Maps?

You might want to embed Google Maps with place marker on website or blog for sharing a place of interest interactively, so that visitors can easily create personal route from respective starting point heading to the shared destination.

The following guide, with YouTube video as complement, shows the process of creating place marker and customizing HTML embedded code of interactive Google Maps:

  1. Log in to Google Maps with Google Accounts (the same login ID for Gmail, YouTube, etc).
  2. Click “My Maps” on left pane (expand the floating pane if it is hiding) and click “Get started” button below the video clip.
  3. Add placemark or place marker to customize Google Maps.Now, there are three new buttons appear on maps. Click the middle button once, move mouse pointer to destination, click once again to pin the “placemark”, i.e. put the place marker at destination.
  4. Next, dialog box pops up: Give the place marker a name (title) and write brief description for it.
  5. Then, give a title or name to identify this customized Google Maps which contains the placemark created on previous step.
    By default, each new customized map is public, i.e. the place marker will be indexed to Google search result. At your wish, the customized maps can be unlisted, which means only people with this maps URL will see it.

Perhaps the only place on this planet that called Earth:

View Earth in a larger map

After creating the customized Google Maps with place marker, you’re set to share the maps with a link or embed it to HTML code and share the interactive maps (as above).

Click the “Link” at top-right corner:

Custom Google Maps embedded code for sharing the customized yet interactive maps on website or blog.

Click “Customize and preview embedded map” to configure the dimension and type of maps to show (street map, satellite imagery, street map with terrain, 3D imagery).

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