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How To Bypass ISP DNS Server That Block Access To Legitimate Domains Accidentally?

If your ISP accidentally blocks access to some legitimate websites or URLs via DNS server, you can fix it in no time without using VPN connection to access from another computer with different DNS server or waiting ISP to fix the unauthentic name server.

Yes, the trick is simple as you think, just drop that unauthentic name server given by ISP and replace it with bona fide public name server. However, how do you know the public DNS servers are reliable?
There is security risk of using public DNS server that you should aware of, especially for novice users. An unreliable public name server might direct users to phishing websites.

So, the key point to note if you desperately want to refer a public DNS server, is make sure you are using a reputable, trustworthy public name server, for example Google Public DNS.
The benefits of using Google Public DNS include but not limited to speed up browsing experience (supported by low DNS latency and wide geographical coverage of Google advanced data centers) and improved security.

So, if you’re interested to experience better web browsing performance, or think that your ISP DNS server suffers high latency, try the one provided by Google Inc!

Best of all, the Google Public DNS server IP addresses, both primary and secondary, are darn easy to remember once you peek at it:

For most Chinese, 4-digit with all 8 is mean of fortune. Good luck!

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