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Which Program Creates virtualapp/didlogical On Windows 7 As Generic Credential?

Just realize my Windows 7 has a generic credential saved as virtualapp/didlogical on Windows Vault. Out of curiosity, I find out what application has silently created this generic credential and speculate how it is used.

Though many users hint that virtualapp/didlogical is created by Windows Live programs, I can’t find the reference of this subject from Windows Live or Microsoft official documentation.

To prove it, I install Windows Live Messenger 2011 on a new Windows 7 machine. The test proved it and is confident to say that Windows Live 2011 creates this virtualapp/didlogical as generic credential on Windows 7 (as shown in this screencast posted on YouTube):

As no one knows how and why Windows Live applications use this credential, I feel more comfortable to have it removed or deleted. However, it is recreated after Windows reboot or Windows Live Messenger is used. Seems to me that this credential is changed everyday too. Anyway, I have to keep an eye on Windows Vault and remove it regularly :(

How to delete virtualapp/didlogical from Windows 7?

1) Open Windows Vault of Windows 7: Click Start button, type Windows vault and click “Manage Windows Credentials” (Control Panel item) appears atop the search list.

How to delete or remove virtualapp/didlogical on Windows Vault Generic Credentials of Windows 7?

2) Click the said generic credential to expand it and select “Remove from vault” link

Microsoft or someone please be kind to share a link of official reference for this topic, particularly why this generic credential is needed and how it is used, in order to relieve everyone’s tension!

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  1. Linda 15-07-11@13:17

    I had my isp install a new modem/router today and I saw the tech put in that generic credential (with a different user name, but much the same and beginning with an 02 and same number of lower case letters) – I am totally NOT computer savvy, so I didn’t really know what it was, but when I checked after he was gone, I, too, got very worried that maybe he had some kind of way to access my computer. I feel a little better right now because maybe it is just something they do to set up the system …. I tried changing that password and user name, but it just changes back after restart. I would like you to email me and tell me what you think. ALSO, I plan to call my ISP tomorrow and see what’s up with this.

  2. Kitty 13-12-11@23:02

    I am having the same problem. Please keep me informed when you hear about a solution to this annoying problem. Thanks.

  3. A.Wisdom 24-06-13@16:03

    I am very concerned about the Generic Credential on my computer. Please keep me posted if there is a proper reason for it presence. What is its exact use?

  4. Kaycee 02-09-13@23:35

    Thank you for this video. It has put my mind at ease – but I think I’ll uninstall messenger, since I never use it and see it that credential comes back up.

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