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Another Trick To Open Elevated Command Prompt On Windows 7

Instead of tweaking or creating a special Command Prompt shortcut, you can use keyboard shortcut or hotkey to open and run Windows 7 Command Prompt with elevated (real administrator) privilege.

Starting from Windows Vista, all Windows user accounts of Administrators group do not inherit full set of administrator privileges, except for the built-in Administrator account.

There are two types of application shortcuts on Windows 7, each uses different hotkey to open elevated Command Prompt window:

Taskbar button

Pin Command Prompt to Taskbar, i.e. create the Command Prompt button on Windows 7 Taskbar, if it is not there:
  1. Locate Command Prompt shortcut from Start menu: Click Start button, type cmd.exe
  2. Right click Command Prompt shortcut (cmd.exe) on Start menu and select “Pin to Taskbar”

Now, press CTRL+SHIFT+Click on Command Prompt button, Windows 7 will prompt you to open a new instance of cmd.exe with elevated / administrator’s privilege.

Conventional Windows shortcut

Locate Command Prompt shortcut from Start menu and select (highlight) it, then hit CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER key.

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  1. Panos 23-12-10@20:43

    For people who stick to keyboard-only access, the shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+Enter. This works with any executable you type in the search bar (e.g. Start->Notepad.exe and then Ctrl+Shift+Enter will start notepad with administrator priviledges)

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