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Uses wChkAirVers To Check Adobe AIR Version On Windows

While searching for free utility to check Adobe AIR runtime version, I realized I could develop one instantly too. So, here is this, wChkAirVers.

Instead of develop Adobe AIR apps to check the Adobe AIR runtime version, I used AutoIt v3 scripting language to develop wChkAirVers in 3 minutes!
AutoIt v3 is a BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI. Best of all, the AutoIt script can be compiled into a stand-alone executable Windows program file (i.e. run without AutoIt v3 installed).

wChkAirVers is portable freeware works on both 32-bit and 64-bit of Windows 7 and Windows Vista, and should be working fine on Windows XP and newer version too:

wChkAirVers - a Windows freeware developed to check or determine Adobe AIR runtime version.

If you like it, just download wChkAirVers and run it right away (without installation). To confirm the file integrity, please verify checksum of the downloaded file (using freeware such as HashCheck Shell Extension or digestIT 2004):

wChkAirVers.zip (MD5: c71b3d3f21ea06e41e3cb502546c6b03)
wChkAirVers.exe (MD5: a1b13dd59ab45e03c7bb79d8a6447f3a)

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