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How To Hide Facebook Friend List?

To certain extent, Facebook allows user to control who can see the friend list. That’s to say, you can block certain people from browsing your friend list or hide it from “everyone”, but still the friend list is entirely visible to applications (and its owner) you use.

In addition, mutual friends can see the reduced view of your friend list that containing all of them who connect with you.

As of now, the Facebook interface that you can access to control friend list visibility is as this:

Click Account (top right corner), Privacy Settings, and then “View settings” of Connecting on Facebook:

How to hide Facebook friend list?

There you will find the “See your friend list” item:

How to control who can see or browse your Facebook friend list?

Set it to “only me” is to hide your friend list from “everyone”, except yourself, mutual friends, and applications. If your friend only know you but not anyone in your friend list, he/she is likely not able to see who are your friends on Facebook.

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