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How To Backup Ovi Suite Contacts And Messages To Other PC?

After Ovi Suite import or sync the contacts and messages (SMS) on Nokia smartphone to PC, where does Ovi Suite save or keep these contacts and messages on Windows?

As far as Ovi Suite v2.2.1.23 is concerned, messages are always imported rather synchronized from phone. That’s to say, imported messages remain on PC even they’re deleted from phone, unless the messages are manually deleted from Ovi Suite too.

If those SMS are precious, then you might want to backup it regularly, so that the Ovi Suite data can be restored if you move to another PC or Windows corrupts and reinstalled.

On Windows 7, Ovi Suite v2.2.1.23 saves messages and contacts in this folder path:
%LocalAppData%\Nokia\Nokia Data Store

To access the directory, just copy and paste the path to Windows Explorer address bar then hit ENTER key.
Note, Ovi Suite stores messages and contacts in database format, thus you won’t find individual ASCII files in “Nokia Data Store”.

For my test, I install Ovi Suite 3 beta on laptop, then overwrite “Nokia Data Store” folder of v3 with the one of v2.2.1.23 from Desktop. When I open Ovi Suite 3, the messages and contacts are all there ready for use.

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  1. Buddha 05-08-12@05:55

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! This was of extreme help to me :)

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