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How To Disable Or Hide Facebook Recent Activity?

How nice if it is able to turn off Facebook Recent Activity or hide it from News Feed, so that not everyone in friends list knows your recent activities on the social networking site.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get dream comes true, unless you manually delete or remove each of the recent activity entries appear on the Wall:

How to easily find recent activities on Facebook Wall and remove them?

1) Each time after you “like” or “comment” on Facebook, immediately go to the Wall and press CTRL+F followed by typing recent – the web browser find function is handy to locate and highlight “Recent Activity” header.

2) For each of the entries grouped under Recent Activity header that you would like to remove, mouse over to the far right of said entry and click X button to delete it.

Note, as Facebook repeatedly updating features from time to time, this guide will be outdated sooner or later. With reference to Help Center, this trick is applicable, at least for now.

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