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How To Upgrade To New Facebook Profile Before The Invitation?

You might aware that Facebook is testing New Profile with some users. So, how to get this Facebook New Profile for your Facebook account before the official rollout reach you?

There is no secret and there are more than one route to Rome:

From News Feed

If you ever see News Feed shows your friends “now have the new profile”, just click “Get the New Profile” link (as shown in following screenshot) to get the facelift and then there will be no return (revert to old profile design is NOT possible, as noted by Facebook team):

The link to get New Profile for Facebook account.

Official link to upgrade New Profile

If none of your friends is using this New Profile, then just login to Facebook and click this upgrade link to activate Facebook New Profile.

I kinda like the inline friend list presentation introduced by New Profile, where by default blank spaces are filled with thumbnails of friends’ profile picture.

For more features of New Profile, see Introducing the New Profile.

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  1. Carleen 11-12-10@15:45

    since revert to the old profile is not possible. how can i tag friends is my post? it seeme to have been disabled with the new profile. can you help me with this one? i really need to tag my friends in a post. wah! huhuhuhuhu… ;'(

  2. Walker 12-12-10@17:32

    There is no issue to tag friends in status update.

  3. Angel 13-12-10@00:37

    I have Firefox and I can’t tag anyone in a status update. It works for IE8 but not Firefox. Help? :(

  4. Carleen 14-12-10@16:05

    Still not working with me. Should this be not working because I’m using IE7?

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