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Facebook Like Button vs Share Button

Both of these social networking tools are serving “share on Facebook” feature, but which button is better for visitors to share the link or article on their Facebook profile?

In reality, there must be some fans flavor one type over another. So, in order to keep everyone (visitors) happy, BOTH should be used, i.e. the new Facebook Like button and the good old Share button!
Apparently, I wasn’t looking from visitors perspective when I decided to replace Share button with Facebook Like button, since Facebook hints to cease support for it as Like button is the recommended solution moving forward.

Anyway, here is the screencast on YouTube about how the Facebook Like Button works:

Features of Facebook Like Button:
  • The XFBML version of Like button always has option to add comment for the shared link. For iframe version (the one shown in screencast), it must be using “standard” layout type with a width of at least 400 pixels, if to allow visitor adds optional comment.
  • Unless visitor adds comment after “like” or “recommend” action, the link shared on Facebook profile will appear on the Wall as “Recent activity” item, i.e. there is no summary of content and thumbnail of image used on the page (as what shown by screencast above or those presented by Share button).
  • Instead of opening a new page to share and comment the link, these can be done inline (as shown in the video) without redirect visitor eye to another pop-up page.
  • Friends of visitors who share the page / link will appear inline, below the Like / Recommend button.

If you like to add this new button on web page, just refer the official Facebook developer documentation. For WordPress user, you can either install yet another WordPress plugin or refer my previous post about the 2 ways to add Facebook Like Button on WordPress page.

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