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How To Hard Reset Nokia N8 To Cleaner State?

Knowing that “Delete data and restore” doesn’t format N8 storage completely, I gotta applied the famous Nokia 3-button hard reset trick to restore the phone to as clean as out-of-box state (though the Ovi Store and Ovi Maps are still unrecoverable).

While the good old 3-fingers hard reset solution does restore the phone memory (C: drive) to factory default, it does NOT wipe out the inbuilt mass memory (E: drive).

In order to clean better, what I did is to format the mass memory first before applying hard reset.
Before format and hard reset, make sure you have backup the data store on the phone (contact, messages/SMS, notes, calendar to-do list, etc). If you’re not adventurous, don’t consider this exercise.

How to Format Nokia N8 E: drive or mass memory?

Open the inbuilt File Manager then hold the tapping on “E: Mass memory” item until the context menu pops up (as shown) and select Format:

Using N8 File Manager to format the E: drive or Mass memory.

How to hard reset Nokia N8?

The traditional Nokia 3-buttons hard reset trick requires one to press and hold three keys on the phone as the device turned on. This trick is pretty useful when the phone cannot boot up normally.

For Nokia N8, the three buttons used to activate hard reset function are “Volume Down”, “Camera shutter”, and “Menu”:

The 3-key shortcut used to format Nokia N8
  1. Power off the phone,
  2. Press and hold that 3 keys plus the power button too,
  3. As the phone vibrates once briefly, release the power button immediately (DO NOT release the 3 buttons yet),
  4. Release the 3 buttons when the phone prompts for PIN Code (if it’s configured to behave so) or the Nokia Connecting People logo appears (the one that seen hand holding between an adult and a child).

Once again, don’t simply hard reset N8, especially for the one running firmware version 011.012 PR1.0 (anyway, am not sure will the next device software update fix the Ovi Store cannot install problem).

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