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The Easiest Way To Hard Reset N8

I guess most people agree that the 3-fingers hard reset trick is not easy to execute, though it’s pretty useful and practical when the phone cannot boot up to home screen successfully.

With Nokia N8, however, there is an easier way to do so if the phone is still working (e.g. can access to menu screen):

An easier way to format Nokia N8.I have just formatted my N8 again using the alternate hard reset trick and confirm the result is identical to the 3-fingers gesture.

You can find this handy “Delete data and restore” option in Factory Settings – depends on how your icons are organized, the typical path is Menu > Settings > Phone > Phone Management > Factory Settings.

Update: NO, this easier way is NOT identical to the 3-fingers trick! It’s is still soft reset :-( Just realize the Ovi Maps 3.06 stills there and QuickOffice Premier 6 cannot be reinstalled after soft-reset, but these two symptoms gone after applying the Nokia 3-fingers hard reset solution.
Like advanced Windows users, geeks normally prefer hard reset (format) the phone to get a clean as out-of-box state after trying too many Ovi freeware or Symbian^3 apps from various sources.

Beware, however, there are some notable side-effects after format N8 running firmware PR1.0 (not sure the next Nokia device software update will eliminate these glitches), i.e. both Ovi Store and Ovi Map missing and unable to reinstall (workarounds include using PC to download Ovi apps and install Ovi Maps 3.06 from Nokia Beta Labs). Besides, the Nokia Panorama can be installed but cannot run at all :-(

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