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How To Enable Outlook Exit Confirmation Dialog Box On Closing?

Isn’t great if Microsoft Outlook displays a quit confirmation, if you close or shut it down accidentally? This additional step on exiting might be troublesome at most occasions but worth it when it is necessary.

Let’s say, after finishing an email message in reading pane, you pressed ALT+F4 and thought it closed the open window of that particular email :-)

Though the emails remained intact after the unexpected quit, but there were few open email windows of different date and sender, plus an Inbox search result as reference for a subject – imagine the effort to get all these pieces of information opened in the right way again :-(

As an “expert” who likes keyboard shortcuts, I’ve encountered few of such frustrated moments! That’s why I prefer my Outlook 2010 prompts exit confirmation dialog box whenever I close it by ALT+F4 hotkey.

Trick to enable Outlook 2010 exit confirmation prompt

There is no explicit setting or command-line option switch for this wish. There is, however, a workaround trick to get Outlook 2010 confirms exit on closing, by all means:

Microsoft Outlook 2010 confirm exit prompt on closing.

1) Compose a new message with email address of nobody or yourself, dummy title and content.

2) Next, click the Options tab and then “Delay Delivery” button to get the Properties window:

Trick to get Microsoft Outlook 2010 exit confirmation dialog box on each closing or shutdown.

3) In the “Delivery Options” section (as highlighted by blue frame in above screenshot), set “Do not deliver before” to a future date.

4) Click Send button to close the message window – Outlook 2010 will put that email in Outbox with pending to send status (and it won’t be sent until that date).

By then, Outlook 2010 will always prompt to confirm exit when you close it. Since the default active button is “Exit without sending”, it will close anyway should you hit ENTER key twice or the 30 seconds grace period ends!

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  1. Catzz 08-03-11@02:16

    This does not work.

  2. Nate 29-06-12@05:47

    This failed to work for me as well.
    Outlook 2010, connected to exchange server.

  3. Suresha D 29-09-12@19:37

    Thanks alot!!!
    It is working for me..
    i had faced the same problem closing all the open important emails unexpectedly

  4. Nate 07-11-12@01:29

    This only works when you are have a pending message for SMTP (i.e. if you use IMAP or POP) This klugey workaround does not apply to installations connected to exchange server.

  5. NIck 01-05-13@06:13

    Works like a charm. It’s like finding hidden world in video game. Hat’s off to whoever discovered this. Thanks a lot

  6. pravi 02-07-13@17:25

    Thanks a lot.
    It worked awesome.
    for those its not work,please send the mail first.

  7. Grave 11-10-13@14:51

    its WORK :-) perfect! Thanks allot
    Lukas – Czech Republic

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