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How To Convert DM File To Ringtone?

The same trick is used to convert the Ovi Store DM file to mp3 or midi ringtone. You won’t need this trick if using Ovi Store client on mobile phone to download goodies.

For those who use PC to download Ovi Store freeware (apps, theme, ringtone, etc), it is not uncommon to get some of the files end with .dm file extension.
There is a hidden direct download link of most Ovi Store apps. Hence, it is possible to download Ovi Store freeware from PC, if you can’t install Ovi Store client after hard reset the Nokia phone (as N8 owner, am suffering this glitch).

Convert DM file to MP3

The trick is simple as this (refer to previous posts for detail if you can’t get it right):
  1. Open the DM file with hex editor (e.g. Notepad++) and delete the first four lines, i.e. move the blinking input cursor from the beginning of first line down to the beginning of 5th line (notice the circle in the following screenshots; to highlight the unwanted content) and hit delete key,
  2. Save the edited file after deleting those unwanted lines,
  3. Rename the edited file by deleting the .dm file extension,
  4. Transfer the file to compatible Nokia device.

MP3 with ID3 metadata:
Convert DM file to mp3 file that has ID3 tag or metadata.

MP3 without ID3 tag:
Convert DM file to mp3 file that has no ID3 tag or metadata.

Convert DM file to MIDI

Though the header information is different, but the fashion is same – i.e. delete the first 4 lines, save it, and delete the .dm file extension:

Convert DM file to midi file

Note, it is working at this time of writing. Am hoping it works forever even if Ovi Store client can be reinstalled on N8 later. Isn’t it great to be able keep a backup of the Ovi Store apps on PC for reinstallation instead of downloading from Ovi Store again (suppose the file version is same).

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