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How To Backup Facebook Data To PC?

The Facebook “Download your information” is a neat feature for user to backup and download Facebook profile / account to local computer for safekeeping or offline browsing.

If you wonder what you’ve uploaded and shared on Facebook or decide to deactivate / terminate Facebook account (glad to know you can keep away from FB!), then it might be useful to backup your Facebook account and download it to local hard disk for reference.
At this moment, there is no option to specify which kind data to backup. Basically, the backup of Facebook profile for download includes but not limited to:
  • profile information (contact information, interests, groups, etc),
  • Wall posts and content,
  • Photos and videos that you have uploaded to your account,
  • Friend list,
  • Notes you have created,
  • Events to which you have replied (RSVP),
  • Sent and received messages,
  • Comments that you and your friends have made on your Wall posts, photos, and other profile content.

1) Log in to Facebook profile, click Account (at top-right corner of page) and then select “Account Settings”:

Access Facebook Account Settings page and look for Download Your Information option to backup and save Facebook profile to local computer.

2) In the Settings tab of My Account, locate and click “Learn more” link of “Download your information”:

Facebook Download Your Information function allows user to backup and download Facebook profile.

From there onwards, you should able to follow the Facebook instructions to complete “tedious” verification to prove you’re the account owner, as a security measure to protect your sensitive yet valuable information:

Backup and download Facebook account.

Unless your beloved or intruder can also access your email account that receives download link of the FB Profile backup, he/she might still have to spend some times to vet through your FB activities online :-)

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