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Trick Used To Download RealPlayer Offline Installer On Windows 7

A YouTube video shows how to download the latest RealPlayer offline installer for Windows 7, which is good for people who will install RealPlayer on multiple computers of same platform (thus saves both waiting time and bandwidth / Internet usage).

Trick used to download the latest RealPlayer offline installer

1) Visit to real.com and download RealPlayer (basic, free edition), which is a bootstrapper program less than 600KB.

2) Configure your Windows Firewall (or 3rd-party Internet security software; my case is Kaspersky IS 2011) to block Internet access for the RealPlayer bootstrapper installer.

3) Shortly, the bootstrapper will prompt you to “restart download” – click that only button to proceed:

Download the latest RealPlayer full offline installer for Windows.

4) Now, the bootstrapper will open Windows 7 default web browser to download the RealPlayer standalone installer.

If you don’t want to go through all those steps, just click here or here to get the RealPlayer for Windows (about 25MB) directly from Real.com server.

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