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How To Power Off Nokia N8 That Hang?

If so happen Nokia N8 hangs or not responding, how to switch off Nokia N8 since it is not easy to remove its battery covered inside the chassis?

Well, unless it is necessary to replace a faulty battery, you don’t have to remove the battery if N8 freezes, as there is a “hotkey” to forcibly restart or turn off devices running Symbian^3 Platform.

The shortcut to hard reboot Nokia N8 or device running Symbian^3 Platform

How to reboot or restart N8 when it is hang, freeze or stop responding?According to official guide, one can hard reboot Nokia N8 by pressing power button for 8 seconds or longer until the screen black out and then vibrates 3 times, if so happen the device software hangs or stops responding to touchscreen tapping or menu key pressing.
Remember to release the power button only after the device vibrates 3 times! (Not sure what are the side effects if that is not the case.)

I guess every N8 owner knows where the power button is. Anyway, it is next to HDMI port, located at top-right corner of phone (labeled as 3 in the screenshot above).

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  1. liam 08-11-10@03:30

    mines not virbrating even after holding power button for more then 30 seconds

  2. liam 08-11-10@03:31

    never mind its worked now… lol
    well it was almost perfect!

  3. iz 04-02-11@02:13

    same goes to me after holding for more than 30 secs….anyone can help me..i cannot switch on my n8 at all

  4. condex 10-02-11@10:56

    you help me a lot thank you very much for the info

  5. Fatma 13-02-11@14:09

    Thank you very much for your help

  6. nadia 06-05-11@10:34

    wow really works after 10 secs.thanks!!!!

  7. wicked 21-05-11@00:43

    Tried it and it worked straight away. Fantastic !!!

  8. Taloo 30-05-11@15:06

    didn’t vibrate but turned off as it was hanged.

  9. Gaurav Ochani 23-08-11@00:33

    This has worked fine atleast for my mobile which was hung for more than 5 hours.

    Thanks a lot for the help. :)

  10. Nick 25-09-11@09:36

    Works fine on my N8!

  11. ida 25-03-12@23:44


    it doesn’t work i guess i need to wait til it runs out of power… pls help

  12. kenohara 01-04-12@02:41

    thank you buddy it realy worked for me

  13. sameer 29-08-12@22:46

    Thanks..it worked exactly after 8 sec…

  14. Kimpoy 16-08-13@23:52

    It really works!

  15. Oves 29-08-13@20:36

    Thank you so so so so much.. It worked fine. Thanks a lot.

  16. Tanmay 31-08-13@11:30

    Thank u very much really its work

  17. nens 30-01-14@23:04

    thank you ……its working

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