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Direct Download RedHat ISO Image From RedHat Server

Imagine that you need to install RedHat Linux 8 or older version on virtual machine in order to restore a database backup created on that platform and run some legacy programs for troubleshooting case.

However, the old RedHat Linux 8 installation CD and ISO image files are missing! So, that is why you are (or will) looking for these old RedHat Linux ISO image files from the Net :-)

Thanks RedHat for still hosting the archive of RedHat Linux ISO image files on FTP server:

You can access the ftp URL with web browser to navigate and download ISO images of your interest.

Otherwise, use ftp client (GUI or command-line) to access the RedHat ftp server, i.e. ftp archive.download.redhat.com and login using anonymous (user ID) with empty password (just press ENTER key for the password prompt):

Personally, I prefer to use wget to download these older RedHat installation CD image files, for example:
wget ftp://archive.download.redhat.com/pub/redhat/linux/8.0/en/iso/i386/psyche-i386-disc1.iso

The URL of respective ISO files can be easily retrieved by web browser or ftp client. Good luck.

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  1. Walker 04-11-10@12:22

    For those who use Internet Explorer to access that ftp page, you might need to configure the Internet Options setting (see next post about this subject) if it cannot display the page (appears invalid link or server down but that might not the case).

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