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AlternateReader Is The Best PDF Reader Freeware For Nokia N8!

Though Adobe Reader LE 2.5 of QuickOffice is preinstalled on Nokia N8, but I don’t find it better than AlternateReader that supports both PDF and DJVU file format.

Best of all, AlternateReader is an open source PDF reader freeware developed for Symbian OS 9.1 S60 3rd Edition, 9.2 S60 3rd Edition FP1, 9.3 S60 3rd Edition FP2, and 9.4 S60 5th Edition or Symbian^1.

PDF Reader freeware for Nokia N8 or mobile phones running Symbian^3 platform.
Though AlternateReader project page on SourceForge.net doesn’t state supports for installing and running on Symbian^3 devices (e.g. Nokia N8), I have tested and thus confirm that AlternateReader is compatible with Symbian^3 platform.

However, the “little glitch” is that you have to open a small PDF file (the one with few pages only) right after installing on N8, then only open a big PDF file (but be patient as it takes some times to load, especially page with images.

Attractive features of AlternateReader :
  1. Remember last viewed page and reading layout setting. Imagine how useful it is when you are reading a big PDF file with few tens pages – I don’t have to remember the last page I quit as AlternateReader does a flavor by opening that page automatically and render it with the last used zoom level! It is cool, isn’t it?
  2. Able to view PDF in full screen mode persistently (doesn’t fall back to normal view mode as easy as Adobe Reader LE).
  3. Easily page up and down – tap once at bottom of screen to page down; if bottom of page is rendered on screen, double tap at the bottom of screen is to display next page. Similar fashion is used to move page up (tap at top of screen) and move back to previous page (double tap at top of screen when top of the page is rendered on screen).
  4. Capable to open big PDF file with hundreds of pages containing heavy graphics – the one I tested has 140 pages measured at about 42MB.
  5. It is an open source freeware for reading PDF and DJVU files on mobile phones running Symbian OS 9.x, including the latest Symbian^3!

If you’re interested, try download and install AlternateReader S9.4 1.08(4) Release.sisx on Nokia N8 (1.6MB; the version for S60 5th Edition).

Hopefully there will be a new release of AlternateReader that make use of Symbian^3 features, such as multi-touch on N8 capacitive touchscreen or pinch-to-zoom gesture :-)

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  1. Alvaro 18-01-11@00:34

    Thank you for the info on Alternate Reader.
    There is one more advantage: It uses the full width of the screen on landscape mode.

    (Adobe Reader LE 2.5 of QuickOffice places Hughes buttons on the left of the screen on landscape)

    PD. I could not download the installation file from the link that you have posted.

    ***Edited by Walker***
    Sorry to delete your posted link (I am concern the file hosted elsewhere than original store, as no one can be sure it file remains genuine/clean/update).

    If the direct download link is not working, you can refer to “project” link on sourceforge (also in the post).

  2. fan 27-03-11@07:22

    the absence of pinch-to-zoom is really bad as it is already normal in other mobile OSs

  3. c7 01-04-11@20:49

    the zoom function is not practical

    pinch-to-zoom very missing

  4. Dy 14-04-11@14:22

    I realised its very difficult to use it on N8 because there’s no back button. after I enter full screen mode, there’s no way to exit full screen mode.

  5. 29848s 15-04-11@02:15

    Long press on the screen pops up the menu -> there’s a way to exit full screen mode

  6. seg 28-04-11@01:22

    i’m using it on my n8, and i really like it, works perfect and in my opinion is better than the quickoffice reader

  7. Julez 23-06-11@18:23

    Why is it so damn slow to render the page on the N8, you look at the iphone you can flick though the pages fast so whats the deal.

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