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How To Find The Name Of Song In YouTube Video Provided By AudioSwap?

You might able to find the name of background music used by a YouTube video, if that song is provided by AudioSwap service.

Knowing that my dictation is not sweet, so most of the screencasts posted on YouTube are spiced up by background music taken from AudioSwap library, which is free and no worry of copyright or licensing issue :-)

Suppose the speaker and volume are turned on, this YouTube video should playback my screencast and the background music that chosen from AudioSwap.

Thus, it is possible to find the song information of that video, which includes but not limited to artist, song title, playback time and genre:

Find the song information of background music used by a YouTube video.

As shown by the screenshot (above), you should able to find the audio information by clicking “views count” button on the YouTube video page.

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